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Time to Talk About Anger?    

Aug 09 2015 03:05AM by Greg

1) Do you know that you are angry but don't know how to express it?
2) Are you concerned about what will happen if you get angry?
3) Have other people told you that you are an angry person?
4) Is your anger "leaking out" in indirect ways?
5) Do you avoid or get anxious with conflict?
6) Are critical, blaming, or impatient with yourself or others?
7) Have you witnessed or somehow been part of violence in your past?
8) Is making others happy even at your own expense important to you?
9) Do regularly experience apathy, boredom, or even depression?
10) Are you struggling with setting boundaries?
11) Have you ever just wanted to scream but wouldn't let yourself?
12) Is wondering if you matter a question for you?
13) Do your relationships have too much or too little anger?
14) Are you feeling numb or not aware of feeling anything?
15) Do you regularly think you are unsafe?
16) Is the weight of your life smothering you?


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