Time to Talk About Anger?
The Process of Self Awareness
Safe, Boundaried Anger Expression

Bios and Other Information

Gregory Gurel   RPC

   I am a “people person” with a ravenous curiosity about life, love, and the human psyche. My own personal journey started over 30 years ago and since then I’ve continually challenged myself to grow both mentally and emotionally in order to pursue my passions and facilitate as much positive change as possible. I deeply understand how important knowing myself and addressing my own past is in helping me to better relate, connect, and empathize with others. Self-awareness, self-responsibility, and choiceful living are all mainstays in my life along with a strong belief in the value of relationships.

   Although my training as Registered Professional Counsellor has been broad, over the past years I have been focusing more on the far-reaching dimensions of anger and its effects on individuals and relationships. Conducting workshops, working with the author of two books on anger, participating in the creation of the “Anger Toolbox” video series, and working with private clients to address their individual issues have all been part of my efforts. Boundaries, trauma, anger expression, and conflict are just a few of the many symptoms associated with anger.