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Safe, Boundaried Anger Expression    

Jul 24 2012 05:51PM by Greg

   Before addressing anger expression specifically, let me comment on the benefits of expressing feelings in general. All human beings have internal sensations and these sensations are linked to feelings. Whether we do or don’t notice our feelings has more to do with self-awareness than anything else. When an internal feeling is expressed (made external), it is an emotion. We definitely can and do greatly influence what emotions we express, or don’t express, based upon what we have learned and experienced about specific emotions. Feelings that don’t get emoted (expressed), can stay within us and create blocks to expressing other emotions as well as actual places of physical holding in the body.

   The unique challenge with expressing the feeling of anger is finding a form of expression that doesn’t cross into the destructive arena of violence. Violent expression results in the break down of relationship between individuals and/or between the individual and society. Legal consequences occur with society defined violence. Anger expressed in a safe, boundaried, and responsible manner allows for an emotional and physical release without sacrificing the relationship. With practice, relationships can be strengthened with mutual safe, boundaried expression.


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